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Vegetarian Expo 98

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The EHVA will be holding a vegetarian expo in order to demonstrate how to practically apply the concepts of a healthy vegetarian diet through emphasis on low-salt, low-sugar and low-oil cooking. This year's event will focus especially on the main themes of diet therapy, diet supplement, weight control, fitness, natural flavor and gourmet cooking. This will feature a sampling of vegetarian main dishes and snacks available for purchase. Information on the fundamentals of maintaining one's well-being will also be provided, as well as games and entertainment.

Discover just how diverse the vegetarian diet can be.

Learn how to eat right without sacrificing taste.

OCT-25-1998, Sunday

11:00AM ~ 3:00PM

Napredak Hall

770 Montague Expressway

San Jose

Tickets: US$10. To Order Call:



Rita Kuo

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